The Town of Lunenburg (the “Town”), located in Central Massachusetts, has declared that the below-described property (the “Site”) is available for lease. The Town invites mobile communication firms to submit proposals to lease space at Town Hall for the installation and operation of wireless communications equipment. The Site currently hosts wireless communications equipment owned and operated by T-Mobile, as well as equipment owned and used by the Lunenburg Police and Fire Departments. T-Mobile previously entered into a lease agreement with the Town for use of the space and this lease agreement will be expiring. The Town seeks to lease the Site for a period not to exceed ten (10) years, with an option to extend the same terms and conditions, for as many as three (3) additional five (5) year terms (defined as an “Extension Term”), for a total lease term of twenty-five (25) years. The proposer (Lessee) shall obtain all permits and pay all costs associated with the Lessee's equipment.

This Request for Proposals (“RFP”) is made pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 30B, Section 16, pertaining to the lease of Real Property. Any entity seeking to submit a response must be licensed by the FCC to provide wireless communications services and must submit a copy of their FCC license for this area of Massachusetts.

By submission of a proposal, the firm submitting a proposal agrees to enter into a lease with the Town that incorporates all the terms and conditions of this RFP if the firm’s proposal is accepted by the Town. The Lessee will be fully responsible for obtaining any required permitting pursuant to federal, state and local regulations and codes, including zoning, and all costs of construction and maintenance of their facilities. The Lessee shall install its tower(s), antennae or related apparatus in such a manner that will minimize any impact upon the operation or use of the property by the Town. The Town of Lunenburg will not be held responsible for any damage to such apparatus due to vandalism, weather or any other unforeseeable act.

Contact Julie Belliveau, Assistant Town Manager, at for the RFP.