Vacancy- Cemetery Commission

Notice of Vacancy on the Cemetery Commission:

The Town is currently accepting talent bank forms from interested persons for the position of Cemetery Commissioner. Applications will be accepted from interested parties until the position is filled by a joint vote of the remaining members of the Cemetery Commission and the Board of Selectmen at the Tuesday, January 22, 2018 Board of Selectmen's Meeting. The appointment will expire at the May 2019 Annual Town Election.

Description of Cemetery Commissioner
Powers and Duties (Town of Lunenburg Charter): The Board of Cemetery Commissioners shall have the responsibility to make regulations governing the care, superintendence and management of all public burial grounds in Lunenburg and to lay out existing public burial grounds and may lot out in lots or other suitable subdivision with proper paths, lanes and ways appropriate for burial use any other land acquired by the town for burial purposes. The day-to-day care and maintenance of the cemeteries shall be under the supervision of the Town Manager. Meetings are held at least once per month.

Talent bank forms can be downloaded at Please submit your letter of interest or talent bank form to: Board of Selectmen, 17 Main St. Lunenburg, Ma. 01462 or email to