Notice is hereby given pursuant to Sections 3-1, 7-10, and any other relevant provisions of the Town charter, of the following vacancy:
School Committee Member
The term of appointment is immediate and until the Annual Town Election in May 2023. The duties of the School Committee are defined in Section 3-3 of the Town Charter and include:
(b) Powers and Duties-The school committee shall have all powers which are conferred on school committees by general laws and such additional powers and duties as may be provided by the charter, bylaw or otherwise and consistent with said grant of powers conferred by general laws. The powers and duties of the school committee shall include the following:
1) to elect a superintendent of the schools who shall be charged with the day to day administration of the school system, subject only to policy guidelines and directives adopted by the school committee:
2) to make all reasonable rules and regulations for the management of the public school system and for conducting the business of the school committee as the committee deems necessary or desirable; and
3) to adopt and administer an annual operating budget for the school department, subject to appropriation by the town meeting.

The school committee shall have general charge and superintendence of all school buildings and grounds and shall furnish all school buildings with proper fixtures, furniture and equipment. The school committee shall provide ordinary maintenance of all school buildings and grounds; provided however, that the town meeting may, by bylaw, provide for the establishment of a central municipal maintenance department which may include maintenance of school buildings and grounds. Whenever a school committee shall determine that additional classrooms are necessary to meet the educational needs of the community, at least 1 member of the school committee, or a designee of the school committee, shall serve on the agency, board or committee to which the planning or construction of such new, remodeled or renovated school building is delegated.

The Select Board and School Committee will accept talent bank forms or letters of interest from interested parties until filled. Interested parties should submit an application to:
17 Main Street, Lunenburg, MA 01462 or (Supt. Office) or (Select Board office)

The vacancy will be filled by a joint vote of the Select Board & School Committee.

Posted: June 28, 2022