Mosquito Spraying in Lunenburg Monday September 9th

There is evidence of West Nile Virus and EEE bearing mosquitos in towns that surround Lunenburg. There have been no positive mosquitos in Lunenburg for either West Nile Virus or EEE. Since there are a large number of evening activities schedule at our school campus, the school campus will be sprayed for mosquitos. The spraying will be conducted after 9 PM, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9TH. The area to be sprayed will be the High School, Passios and Turkey Hill School grounds. In addition, Marshall Park, between 2A and Chestnut Street will also be sprayed.

As a precaution, residents in this area are advised to close their windows and bring pets inside during spraying. Residents and their pets may go outside 20 minutes after the spraying is complete.