Notice is hereby given pursuant to Sections 3-1, 7-10, and any other relevant provisions of the Town Charter, of the following vacancy:

Council on Aging – 2 Vacancies -one term expires June 30, 2023, one term expires June 30, 2024

Composition, Terms of Office:
There shall be a Council on Aging Board, consisting of 11 voting members who shall be appointed by the Select Board. The members shall be registered voters of the Town. The Chairman shall be elected by the members of the Council at the annual meeting in June.

Powers and Duties:
The Council on Aging Board shall carry out programs and services designed to meet the needs of the aging in coordination with programs of the Executive Office of Elder Affairs established by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Council shall submit an annual report to the Town and also submit a copy to the Executive Office. The Council shall from time to time review and evaluate such reports and make recommendations as to any required or needed changes in local programs. The Council may appoint employees as it requires with the approval of the Town Manager. The Council shall be responsible to the Select Board.

Interested parties should submit a letter of interest or talent bank form to:

Select Board Office
17 Main Street
P O Box 135
Lunenburg, MA 01462

The Select Board will accept applications until the vacancy is filled.

Posted: November 14, 2022