Board Vacancy Notice

Notice is hereby given pursuant to General Provisions, Article 7, section 7-10 of the Charter, and any other relevant provisions of the Charter, of the following vacancy:
Member at Large of the Green Communities Task Force (GCTF)
Lunenburg is a Green Community.
Mission Statement: To create ways and means under the Green Communities Act to benefit the environment of our Community relative to health and general welfare; the economy, cost effectiveness of governmental business and cost of living for the general public.

Some tasks of the GCTF include, but are not limited to:
• reduction of energy use of electrical and heating audits of all Town owned buildings,
• research competitive purchasing of electricity and heating fuel
• Cost effectiveness of energy saving renovation measures, (windows, insulation, etc )
• Research vehicles cost of energy saving type
• Study of alternative energy sources (solar, wind power, etc.)
• Study of funding sources such as grants

The applicant is expected to attend all GCTF meetings. Applications will be accepted from interested parties until the position is filled by the Board of Selectmen, 17 Main Street, P O Box 135, Lunenburg, MA 01462