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Membership Roster

The Lunenburg Fire Department is a combination of Call and Full-time Members. All members are trained either as Emergency Medical Technicians or Firefighters many of our members are both.

Full Time:

Administration (8am - 4pm Monday-Friday):
Chief Patrick Sullivan (19C)
Administrative Assistant and EMS Coordinator Karen Weller

The full time staff is on a 48 hour per week rotating schedule Monday-Saturday.

A Shift:

Lieutenant Scott Dillion, EMT-B (C5)
Captain Kenneth Jones, EMT-A (C4)

B Shift:

Captain James Ricci, EMT-B (C3)
Firefighter Austin Flagg, EMT-B (A27)

C Shift:

Lieutenant Christos Lekatitas, EMT-A (C9)
Firefighter Timothy Downey, EMT-B (A32)

Call Members:

Call members provide station coverage and additional staffing during incidents. Call members staff two members in station for 24 hours on Sundays and provide an additional person during business hours 8am - 4pm Monday-Friday.


Deputy Chief Peter Hyatt (C1)
Lieutenant Mark Bursch, EMT-B (C6)
Lieutenant John Massak, EMT-B (C7)
Lieutenant Patrick Hakey, EMT-B (C8)


Firefighter Jason Boyle, EMT-B
Firefighter Gregory Dik, EMT-B
Firefighter Andrew Duquette, EMT-B
Firefighter Michael Byrne, EMT-A
Firefighter Carl Gamberdella, EMT-B
Firefighter Benjamin Boudreau, EMT-B
Firefighter Tyler Pelkey, EMT-B
Firefighter Skyler Kosloski, EMT-B
Firefighter Frank Byrne, EMT-P
Firefighter Stephen Morse, EMT-B
Firefighter Ronald Hyatt, EMT-B
Firefighter Joseph Arsenault, EMT-A
Firefighter Melissa Buchanan, EMT-B
Firefighter Robert Barrett, EMT-B
Firefighter Olivia Hayes, EMT-B
Firefighter Andrew Bolton, EMT-B
Firefighter Stephen Wright, EMT-B
Firefighter Michael Viroskto, EMT-B
Firefighter Daniel McKenna, EMT

Firefighter Only:

Firefighter Matthew McAuliffe

EMT Only:

EMT Charles Sampson
EMT Joseph Cardone
EMT Jordan Melendy
EMT David Augusta

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