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Membership Roster

The Lunenburg Fire Department is a combination of Call and Full-time Members. All members are trained either as Emergency Medical Technicians or Firefighters, many of our members are both.

Full Time:

Administration (8am - 4pm Monday-Friday):
Chief Patrick Sullivan (19C)
Administrative Assistant and EMS Coordinator Karen Weller

The full time staff is on a 48 hour per week rotating schedule Monday-Saturday.

A Shift:

Lieutenant Scott Dillion, EMT-B (C5)
Captain Kenneth Jones, EMT-A (C4)
Firefighter Carl Gamberdella, EMT-B (A40)

B Shift:

Captain James Ricci, EMT-B (C3)
Firefighter Austin Flagg, EMT-P (A27)
Per Diem Firefighter/EMT

C Shift:

Lieutenant Christos Lekaditis, EMT-A (C8)
Firefighter Melissa Buchanan, EMT-B (A30)
Firefighter Olivia Hayes, EMT-B (A11)

Call Members:

Call members provide station coverage and additional staffing during incidents. Call members staff two members in station for 24 hours on Sundays and one member for 24 hours on B shift.


Deputy Chief Peter Hyatt (C1)
Lieutenant Mark Bursch, EMT-B (C6)
Lieutenant John Massak, EMT-B (C7)
Lieutenant Andrew Duquette, EMT-B (C9)


Firefighter Jason Boyle, EMT-B
Firefighter Gregory Dik, EMT-B
Firefighter Michael Byrne, EMT-A
Firefighter Timothy Downey, EMT-B
Firefighter Matthew Benoit, EMT-A
Firefighter Benjamin Boudreau, EMT-B
Firefighter Tyler Pelkey, EMT-B
Firefighter Skyler Kosloski, EMT-B
Firefighter Frank Byrne, EMT-P
Firefighter Stephen Morse, EMT-B
Firefighter Ronald Hyatt, EMT-B
Firefighter Joseph Arsenault, EMT-A
Firefighter Robert Barrett, EMT-B
Firefighter Andrew Bolton, EMT-B
Firefighter Matthew Glenny, EMT-B
Firefighter Stephen Wright, EMT-B
Firefighter Daniel Motyka, EMT-B
Firefighter Apprentice Timothy O'Connell, EMT-B

Firefighter Only:

Firefighter Matthew McAuliffe
Firefighter Alan Hyatt
Firefighter Jenny Smith

EMT Only:

EMT Charles Sampson
EMT Joseph Cardone
EMT Jordan Melendy
EMT David Augusta

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