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Title Type Ownership
Drawing of candidate's names
Lunenburg Waste Recycling Services Flyer
LTC/FID Information
FY15-FY19 Actual Expenditures and FY20 Requested and TM Recommended Budgets
ZBA Member Info PDF
March 11, 2019 Town Caucus Results
Fee Schedule
Interceptor Checklist - for Professional haulers
Appendix C Grease Trap Regulation
Appendix G Connection Charge Policy
Article VII-4
Article VII.3.B
Article VII-4
Single Meter Policy approved 11/27/18
Reserve Capacity policy 11/27/18
Grease Trap Regulations approved 11/27/18
Connection Charge Policy ( accepted 11/27/18)
Drain Layer List
Rabies Clinic Flyer