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Public Notice Revised November 2021
Public Notice on Community Power Supply Program
November 16, 2021 Special Town Meeting Warrant Booklet
Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) - How to Protect Yourself & Others
Emma Henry's Civics Class Slideshow on Plastic Pollution
Annual Town Meeting Warrant Booklet, May 1, 2021
Green Leaf Botanicals Presentation
FY 2022 Budget Presentation
FY 2022 Capital Plan and Five Year Financial Forecast
Public Service Announcement, January 12, 2021
Public Service Announcement, January 5, 2021
Community Choice Power Supply Program Notification
Public Service Announcement, November 10, 2020
Public Service Announcement, November 3, 2020
TCP Building Design Committee Presentations
Final Copy of Tax Increment Financing Agreement with Bright Farms
November 17, 2020 Special Town Meeting Warrant
November 17, 2020 Special Town Meeting Warrant
Public Service Announcement, October 13, 2020