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FY 2024 Budget Information And Town Meeting Documents
FY 2020- 2029 Capital Improvement Requests
FY 2024 Capital Plan Presentation
FY 2019 Budget/Capital Planning Documents
FY 2018 Budget/Capital Planning Documents
FY 2022 Budget/Capital Planning Documents
List of Licensed Drain Layers
Fee Schedule per Disturbances to Newly Paved Roads Policy Section V. Fees A. and C.
Disturbances of Newly Paved Road Policy
Town of Lunenburg Board of Health Regulations
TM Report 05 23 2023
5.20.23 Annual Town Election Results
FY 2023- FY 2025 Police Local 353 Agreement
FY 2022- FY 2024 Laborers International Union, Local 39 Agreement
FY 2022- FY 2023 Professional Firefighters Union Agreement
FY 2022- FY 2023 Municipal Employees Union Agreement
Salary Administration Plan updated November 15, 2022
The Archibald Home History
FY 2018 Valuation and Tax Summary
Directions to the Lunenburg Adult Activity Center