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Tax Assessment Investigation Press Release-February 21, 2023
Tax Assessment Investigation Press Release-February 7, 2023
ZBA Certificate of Partial Vote Denying Waivers 2 & 3-Pond View 40B 2/8/23
Pond View ZBA Stipulation Document to HAC 2/8/23
Sewer Commission Memo to ZBA for 1/11/23 Hearing
Borenstein Letter to ZBA 12/12/22
Oil/Water Separator Regulation - Appendix L
Grease Trap Regulation -Appendix C
Grease Trap Regs-tracked for 022823 hearing
Deduct Meter Policy-tracked for 022823 hearing
Sewer Use Regs-proposed 022823
Tracked Changes to Sewer Use Regs 2020-2021
Tracked Changes Sewer Regs 2020-2021
Sewer Use -tracked -Changes 2022-2023
Sewer Use Regs-tracked -Changes 2020-2021
Sewer Use Regulation-Ch 147/Misc changes 2020-2021
Sewer Use Regulation - tracked copy
FY2024 Town Manager Preliminary Budget Message and Proposal
Revenue Expense Worksheet, 2-16-23
FY 2024 Town Manager Preliminary Budget Presentation