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FY 23 Revised Capital Plan
FY 2023 General Govt, Unclassified, Veterans, Health & Sanitation and Debt
FY 2023 School Budget Presentation
TM Report 03 15 2022
Town Caucus
FY23 Line Item Detail for TM Preliminary Budget Recommendation
FY23 DPW Budget Presentation
TM Report 03 08 2022
FY23 Land Use Dept Budget Presentation
FY23 COA Budget Presentation
FY23 Library Budget Presentation
FY23 Police Dept Budget Documents
FY23 Fire Budget Presentation
ARPA Presentation
FY23 Budget Presentation Schedule
Meter Requirements
Sewer Connection Permit Application
Application for Neptune Deduct Meter Credit Program
Drain Layer List
Tax Lien Sale Auction Notice