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Real Estate & Personal Property Tax Information

Current Tax Rate (FY-2023) Actual Billing: $14.62/thousand 

Fiscal Year: The Town of Lunenburg's fiscal tax year runs July 1st - June 30th.

Calculation of Tax Bills: The calculation of tax bills is done by the Assessor's office. Once calculated, the Assessors commit the bills to the Tax Collector's office for collection. All tax abatements and exemptions must be granted by the Assessor's office. 

Preliminary Tax Bills: The 1st and 2nd quarter tax bills are called Preliminary Bills and are based on each property's previous fiscal year taxes including betterments, liens and assessments.These are estimated bills only. Preliminary bills are mailed June 30 of each year and are are due August 1st and November 1st respectively.

Actual Tax Bills: The 3rd and 4th quarter tax bills are called Actual Tax Bills.These bills are calculated by multiplying the assessed value of each property by the new tax rate, (set at Fall Town Meeting), minus any preliminary tax payments. Actual tax bills are mailed December 30 of each year and are due February 1st and May 1st respectively.

Betterments/Sewer Liens: Betterment and lien charges are assessed annually. As per Massachusetts General Law, betterments and liens are considered part of your real estate tax and previous fiscal year betterment/lien payments must be included in preliminary tax calculations. Betterments and liens can affect your monthly mortgage escrow payments.

Payment Due Dates: There is NO grace period with real estate and personal property taxes. Interest is accrued beginning at midnight on each due date. However, if the due date falls on a day that our office is closed, payments with be accepted on the following business day with no penalties.  Payments are considered made when received by the Tax Collector - not postmarked. Per Massachusetts General Law, interest is charged at the rate of 14% per annum on late payments.

Receipts: To receive a receipt when paying by mail, include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your payment.Bring your entire bill with you when paying in person.

Abatements: Please contact the Board of Assessor's at 978-582-4145 for more information or an application.

Exemptions: Certain property owners may qualify for an exemption on their real estate taxes. Exemptions are granted for various reasons: elderly, widowed, veteran, blind, etc. Please contact the Assessor's at 978-582-4145 for more information or an application.

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