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Lunenburg Youth Football and Cheerleading

Special Thanks to the following People and Companies for their generous donations to our program. United Way of North Central Mass.,Inc. Benjamin Builders Leominster Enterprise Pipe Plus

Welcome to the Lunenburg Youth Football and Cheerleading Program. We are the Bengals! If you are interested in our programs please take some time and read the through the following information. What is it? Lunenburg Youth Football and Cheerleading provides an opportunity for all children regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or religious preference an equal opportunity for participation in a safe, competitively balanced and organized setting. Goals • Teach the fundamentals of football and cheerleading. • Instill a continuing interest in participating in sports. • Promote participation in sports as a healthy activity. • Model and promote good sportsmanship. • Create an experience that will have a lasting positive effect on the lives of all participants. New Parents Guide to Lunenburg Youth Football & Cheerleading Q&A Thank you for your interest in Lunenburg Youth Football & Cheerleading for the 2006 Fall Season. Those new to the program often have questions and concerns. We have summarized commonly asked questions in a Q&A format for your convenience. Please email additional questions to: Q: When does the season start? A: The football and cheerleading season generally begins on August 1st of each year. All registered individuals are expected to report for camp on this date. Q: What if I’m on vacation during August, can my child still participate? A: Yes. Although football players and cheerleaders must meet a minimum practice time of typically 12 hours before they can do stunts (Cheerleading)or wear pads to participate in contact based practice, scrimmages and games. Q: I’m concerned about my child getting injured. How safe is football and cheerleading. A: The injury rates in football are much lower than other well known sports such as bicycling, basketball and baseball because of the emphasis on safe play and proper equipment protection. Likewise in Cheerleading players must meet minimum practice time and safety standards. Q: How much does it cost? A: Rates vary from year to year, so review the current pre-registration package for current rates. New for 2006 is early pay discounts if payment id received before 4/15/06. Q: What payment methods do you accept? A: Personal Check, Business Check, Certified Check, Money Order and (New for 2006) Credit Card Payments via Paypal (must have valid credit card and email address). PayPal payment email address is . Alternately we can send out an invoice via email which will walk you through the PayPal setup and remittance process. It’s safe and easy. Q: What’s the Practice Schedule like? A: Practice from Aug 1-Beginning of school runs 3-4 days per week with an occasional weekend scrimmage. The Jamboree which is a big “pre season” event culminating the practice season occurs at the end of August, which is the launch point for the official season. Practice drops off to 2-3 days per week with an occasional Saturday afterwards. Q: What’s the Regular Season Schedule like? A: The regular season begins approximately the first weekend in September (official league schedule becomes available at the end of August). Games are generally played on Sunday’s and run for 1.0-1.5 hours starting at 8:00 am running until 2:00 pm. While parents are encouraged to attend all games, we understand that other siblings might have events which interfere, so your only obliged to attend the game in which your child is participating. Q: Minimum Plays – To be tabled at Meeting A: Q: What equipment is required?: A: All helmets and pads are provided by LYFC. There is an additional package that players receive at cost. It contains socks, belts, mouthpiece and a 5 pocket girdle that holds pads.

2006 Season Schedule Game dates are subject to change. Sunday August 20 Jamboree Sunday August 27 Game1 Sunday September 3 Game 2 Sunday September 10 Game 3 Sunday September 17 Game 4 Sunday September 24 game 5 Sunday October 1 Game 6 Sunday October 8 Game 7 Sunday October 15 Game 8 Sunday October 22 Game 9 Sunday October 25 Playoffs Sunday October 28 Playoffs Sunday November 5 Superbowl Sunday November 12 Regional Playoffs Sunday November 19 Regional Playoffs Saturday November 25 Regional Championships

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