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Emergency Preparedness

The Board of Health and municipal government are working on plans to assist our community in the event of a flu pandemic or other emergency. A well-informed public is more able to care of themselves and their families in the event of an emergency as well as assist in the preparedness of our community. It is our goal to raise awareness of what we, as individuals, and as a community need to do to be prepared. The quality of our community’s response will rely on the hard work and dedication of our public servants and the plans we are working on to protect all it citizens. Equally as important is the preparedness of our citizens and their willingness to serve our community. We ask that you regularly review the suggested websites to receive the most up to date and accurate information. Over the course of the summer, we will be finalizing our emergency preparedness plan and providing detailed information to our citizens. We are currently assembling a list of volunteers who could help us provide assistance to our community if needed. Please visit the volunteer registration section of this website to learn how to get involved. The best way to protect our community is for us all to be prepared, stay informed and get involved.

Last Updated: Tue, 05/01/2018 - 1:07am