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Pavement Management Plan

Paving Protocol


Public Works staff cleans and evaluates the condition of manholes and catch basins. This is typically completed in late winter or early spring.

Streets are machine swept to remove all debris on the surface to be paved particularly along the gutter line.


A tar-like emulsion is applied on the old surface to enhance contact to the new asphalt. A bottom or levelling course of asphalt is placed by machine curb to curb along the entire roadway. This course reshapes the road reestablishing the crown (the high point almost always in the center) and fills depressions and wheel ruts which have worn and settled over time.

A second crew will then raise the castings (steel catch basin grates and manhole covers) to the anticipated finish elevation. Care should be taken while driving since they will be an inch and a half to two inches above the road surface.

At a later date (Please be patient since scheduling becomes difficult as the summer progresses due to a short construction season) another paving crew will apply the top coat throughout the entire project. At this point in the process you may notice a substantial difference in height between your old driveway and the new roadway surface. A gap may also be evident along certain areas of your frontage and around some mailboxes. We anticipate and prepare for this.

Final adjustments:

A “finish” crew from the paving company will address each driveway and install by hand an “apron” which will blend the driveway to the new street height.

As always, your patience is very much appreciated.


Local Roads to be Paved in 2017:

Boucher Rd – Chase Rd to Dead End

Gibson St – Lancaster Ave to Leominster City Line

Watt St – Page St to Flat Hill Rd

Windward Terr – Beal St to Dead End

Crest Ave – Hollis Rd to Dead End

Savage Dr – Leominster Rd to Dead End

The Lane – Elmwood Rd to Mass Ave

Rolling Acres Rd – Lancaster Ave to Meadow Lane

Meadow Lane – Rolling Acres Rd to Rolling Acres Rd

Brookview Terr – Valley Road to Dead End

Gilchrest St – Northfield Rd to Valley Rd

Cliffview Terr – Valley Rd to Dead End

Valley Rd – Gilchrest St to Brookview Terr


Main Roads to be Paved in 2017:

Reservoir Rd – Goodrich Rd to Page St

Arbor St – Mass Ave to Page St


Local Roads to be Paved in 2018:

Broad Meadow Dr – White St to Page Hill Rd

Maple Parkway – White St to Dead End

Page Hill Rd – Broad Meadow Dr to Pearl Brooke Dr

Pearl Brooke Dr – Broad Meadow Dr to White St

Kimball St – Prospect St to Pond St

Cushing Lane – Turkey Hill Rd to Dead End

Canterbury Dr – Arbor St to Dead End

Ramgren Rd – Whalom Rd to Dead End

Crocker Ave – Leominster Town Line to Wilder Rd

Wilder Rd – Leominster Town Line to Crocker Ave

Autumn Rd – Reservoir Rd to Dead End

Houghton’s Mill Rd – Reservoir Rd to Dead End

Graham St – Whalom Rd to Summer St

Piedmont Ave – Summer St to Dead End

Charlton St – White St to Fitchburg Town Line

Skylark Lane – Beal St to Dead End


Main Roads to be Paved in 2018:

White St – Mass Ave to Fitchburg Line

West St – Electric Ave to West St Extension

Flat Hill Rd – Elmwood Rd to Reservoir Rd

Sunnyhill Rd – West St to Leominster Rd


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