The following permits are approved by the DPW Director, please click on the below Permit description to apply on the ViewPoint website.  The fee for a Trench Permit is $42 and the fee for a Road Opening Permit is $105. All application will be reviewed through ViewPoint and after approval, or approval with conditions, a Permit may be issued. The Town has the right to refuse any permit to a contractor who fails to comply with the conditions associated with the Town’s Regulations.

  • Driveway Permit
  • Trench Permit - A Trench is defined as a subsurface excavation greater than 3 feet in depth and is 15 feet or less between soil walls as measured from the bottom. All regulated trenches must be attend, covered, barricaded, or backfilled. Covers must be road plates 3/4" thick or equivalent, barricades must be fences at least 6' high with no openings greater than 4" between vertical supports and all horizontal supports required to be located on the trench-side of the fencing. This applies to all construction-related trenches on public ways, public property, or private property.  All excavators must obtain a trench permit for each trench site. You must submit an application online by accessing the Town of Lunenburg Online Permitting System, ViewPoint.  The new Trench permit will require information such as the name of excavator, the location of trench, a certificate of insurance, and the Dig Safe Number.
  • Road Opening Permit  -  Any excavation performed within a public right-of-way in the Town of Lunenburg is required to obtain a Road Opening Permit.  Road Opening Permits are accepted for consideration April 15-November 15 annually.  There is a 5-Year moratorium on roads that have been recently paved, which depends on the specific location of the work.  You must submit an application online by accessing the Town of Lunenburg Online Permitting System, ViewPoint. Road Opening Permit Application must be submitted with a Dig Safe number, Map or Sketch showing the location and size of any cuts to be made, and Proof of Insurance.

Helpful Information for Residents

Pot Holes

To report a pot hole or other issue with the roadway, please either fill out the online Service Request Form, or call the DPW at 978-582-4160. 

Street Light Outages

Please call Unitil at, 1-888-301-7700 to report a street light outage.

Mass Highway

Route 13 (Massachusetts Avenue) is maintained by the Massachusetts Highway Department, please contact them at (857) 368-4636 ex 2 for any issues involving Mass. Ave.

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