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Crack Seal Program

What is crack seal?

Crack seal is a hot, sticky petroleum-based pavement crack and joint sealant.  It does not resurface the entire street – it just fills cracks.  The sealant forms a long-lasting, resilient seal which is flexible and expandable in varying and extreme pavement temperatures.  Crack-sealing prevents the invasion of surface water between the layers of asphalt and sub-grade rock, thus preventing premature failures, deterioration and potholes.

Is it Safe?

Where necessary, the sealant will be covered with a fine layer of sand to limit tracking.  However, caution is still advised.  When the material is first applied, it is extremely hot (400o), west, sticky, and very difficult to remove from skin, shoes and floor coverings.  For the safety of children and pets, please keep them off the pavement on the day your street is sealed.

Will I be notified prior to work on my street?

Residents will be notified prior to crack sealing of their roadway.  All work is dependent upon favorable weather conditions.  If a street is not sealed on the date specified due to equipment failure or rainy conditions, it will be rescheduled.

Will access to my street by affected?

The street will not be closed.  Sidewalks will not be closed.  Access to local businesses will remain open.  There will be no interruption of services during the project.  Traffic ill be permitted to drive over the sealant almost immediately, so access to your property or business may be blocked for only the few minutes when the work occurs directly in front of your driveway.

Why shouldn't I wash my car or water my lawn?

Water interferes with the crack-sealing process, so we ask residents not to water lawns, wash cars, or engage in similar activities that may cause water to enter the street on the day their street is crack-sealed.

Crack seal checklist for residents:

  • Mark dates on calendar
  • Find places to park off the street
  • Leave pets indoors
  • Don’t water the lawn or wash the car

Last Updated: Mon, 04/30/2018 - 7:41am