Assessor's Office

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Board of Assessors:
Richard H. Letarte, Chairman
Louis J. Franco, Member
Rena Swezey, Member

Office Hours:
Monday, Wednesday - 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Tuesday, Thursday - 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Closed Friday

Office Staff:

Susan Byrne, MAA, Principal Assessor
Sheila Craigen, Administrative Assessing Assistant

Fiscal Year 2020 tax rate is $18.12 per thousand.

Notice of Property Inspections

In order to meet our statutory mandate of fair and equitable taxation, our office is undertaking a program to verify the property data used to estimate property tax assessments. Over the next several weeks a representative from our office will be conducting on-site inspections of properties in your neighborhood.  The data collector is a representative of the Assessor’s Office from Regional Resource Group who will display a field ID card and use a personal vehicle with an “Assessor’s Office” sign on the vehicle doors. The property inspection takes less than 10-20 minutes and includes an exterior inspection and measure of improvements and an interior inspection to verify data such as bedroom and bathroom count, physical condition, and square footage of living space. The Assessors are required by the Department of Revenue, Mass General Law Chapter 58 Sections 1 & 1A, to conduct a periodic data inspection program of each parcel at least once every nine years to ensure our property data which your assessments are based is correct and will result in a full and fair cash value. In no case will the inspector enter a home uninvited and without being accompanied by an adult resident 21 years of age or older. If you are not available when the inspector comes to your door and they need to perform an interior inspection they will leave a card asking you contact us for an appointment.  A property owner can refuse entry, however this may affect their rights to appeal their assessment. Property owners in areas to be inspected have been sent mailers and questionnaires. The Assessors will also be inspecting properties with recent building permits. 

Responsibilities of the Assessors Office

In Massachusetts, assessors are either appointed or elected to three-year terms. The assessors' primary responsibility is to value all real estate and personal property subject to taxation. Assessed valuations are based on "full and fair cash value" as of the January 1st preceding each fiscal year. Ex. For Fiscal Year 2020 the assessment date is 1/1/2019, and market sales utilized for valuation purposes are from calendar year 2018.

In order to maintain assessments at or near market value, the assessors' regularly compare property valuations with the selling prices of properties that have sold. Assessment-to-sale ratio statistics are analyzed to determine the median assessment level, as well as, assessment uniformity. No valuation methodology can accurately predict what a property will sell for.