Commissioners of Trust Funds

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Composition, Terms of Office:
There shall be a Board of Commissioners of Trust Funds consisting of 3 members who shall be elected for terms of 3 years each, so arranged that the term of 1 member shall expire each year.
Powers and Duties:
The Board of Commissioners of Trust Funds shall have the management of all trust funds given or bequeathed for the benefit of the Town or the residents, unless the donor, in making the gift or bequest, shall make some other provision for the management of the fund. The Board shall, consistent with the terms of the trusts, manage and control said trusts, and distribute the income in accordance with the trusts.

Corinne C. Scouten, Term expires May 2023
Elaina Corcoran, Term expires May 2025
Nicole Waters, Term expires May 2024