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Welcome to the website for the Lunenburg Stormwater Task Force. The Stormwater Task Force is charged with the development of a comprehensive stormwater management plan that complies with state and federal regulations, provides a storm and surface water system that controls damage from storms, protects surface water quality and the environment.  The plan shall determine which local agency or agencies will be responsible for implementation, establish the estimated cost of the program, as well as provide for the creation of an ongoing funding source to enable its success.

All members are appointed by the Select Board. The group includes one member from the Select Board, Conservation Commission and Planning Board. The Select Board voted to add two citizens-at-large (who live on local lakes) to the Stormwater Task Force in November 2021. 

More information about the Stormwater Task Force

Video Overview of Stormwater and the Stormwater Task Force

The Stormwater Task Force held its initial meeting on January 27, 2016.  The website will provide information for citizens as we search through the plethora of data out there to determine what will be most useful. Please do not hesitate to email suggestions for inclusion.


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