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Sewer Commission - Policies & Procedures

Sewer Map

Sewer Connection Policy & Procedure

Sewer Regulations (for full copy, contact the Sewer office)


Drain Layers

By-laws of the Sewer Commission

  • Sewer Assessment By-law - for the assessment of betterments at the completion of a sewer project
  • Sewer Bylaw - to regulate connections to and extensions of the Town's sewer system to preserve and manage the limited capacity pursuant to inter-municipal agreements, as a result of the Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan (CWMP) 

Illegal/Improper Connections

Sewer Extensions

Grease Traps/Interceptors

Low-Pressure Pumps (Grinder Pumps) must meet the Sewer Commission specifications:

Lunenburg specifications:

There are 2 vendors whose products meet these specifications: 

Deduct Meter program (previously Irrigation Meter program)

Anticipated Excessive Water Use Policy


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