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See updates on the Pond View Commons 40B application (Howard Street) under the Sewer Extensions page on the Sewer Commission website by clicking here. It is important to note that the Sewer Commission neither 'controls or enables' development, based on their policy adopted in 2009 which reads: "A guiding principle of this Commission is to determine the most effective method of providing service to existing and new developments where alternate, on site solutions are not able to meet local and state health and environmental requirements. It is not the intention or goal of this Commission to control or enable development."(Section II-2.I of the Sewer Use Regulations)

The Sewer Commission office is in the DPW Building at 520 Chase Rd - office is open 7am - 3pm. The Commission regularly meets twice a month.  The Commission meetings historically were held the 2nd Tuesday(at the DPW Building) and the last Tuesday(in person at Town Hall) but check each posted agenda to be sure.  The Commission has been holding their meetings via Zoom since the onset of the Corona virus.  The links to the Zoom meetings are found with the posted agendas for public participation.  Then the meeting recordings are found on Lunenburg Access channel/YouTube at or on Facebook under Lunenburg Public Access Cable at  The Sewer Commission is a five-member elected board. The Sewer Commission works in concert with the DPW and DPW Director to plan and implement changes, upgrades and maintenance.  Note: the Town's public water supply is administered by the Lunenburg Water District and is a separate entity from the Town -- They can be reached at  or by calling 978-582-4532.  If you need a Betterment Payoff amount or Release of Lien, please contact the Tax Collectors office at or by calling 978-582-4132.

The Charter:

The Sewer Commissioners shall make careful studies of the resources, possibilities, and needs of the Town as they relate to the availability of sanitary sewers and shall make plans for the installation of a system of sanitary sewers and for the maintenance of a sanitary sewer system.  The Sewer Commission shall develop a comprehensive or master plan for a town wide system of sanitary sewers, setting forth, in graphic and textual form, policies to govern the future growth and development of the entire Town.  The Board of Sewer Commissioners shall, in conjunction with other land use bodies, assist in developing a long range strategic plan for guiding town growth and development.  The powers and authority of the Sewer Commission shall include oversight of the Sewer Enterprise Fund, setting rates and charges for the use of the sanitary sewer system, ratification responsibility for the Sewer Business Manager and providing advice to the Board of Selectmen relating to intergovernmental agreements concerning sanitary sewers.  The day-to-day operation, care and maintenance of the sanitary sewers shall be under the supervision of the Town Manager.  The Sewer Commission shall make an annual report to the Town Meeting, including a full accounting of the Sewer Enterprise Fund, information regarding the condition of the Town's sewer system and any plans or proposals for its development and estimates of their cost.

Members, Terms & Contact Info:

The Sewer Commission consists of five members elected for terms of three years each, usually staggered so that the terms of no more than 2 Commissioners expire each year. It is the selfless service of these individuals for which the Commission and the Town are both most grateful. 

Current Members: 

John Reynolds (term ends 2025)

Michael Nault (term ends 2025)

Dave MacDonald (term ends 2024)

Brett Ramsden (term ends 2023)

Michael Deveikis (term ends 2023)


Field Issues - DPW Director- Bill Bernard -    (978-582-4160 ext. 0)                                                                                                                                                         

Office Issues - Barb Lefebvre - Business Manager-  and Paula Bertram - Assistant to the Business Manager - (978-582-4160 ext. 8)  

The Business office is located at the DPW building at 520 Chase Road.  However, Sewer invoice payments should be sent to PO Box 135, Lunenburg 01462, or brought to the Collector's Office on the first floor of Town Hall at 17 Main St., Lunenburg.

At the office, we can help you with:

Billing issues

Sewer connections permits

Drain layers licenses

Grease trap permit information

Irrigation/deduct meter information

Tie cards/As-Builts

Betterment/Privilege Fee Assessments

Connection Inspections

Trench and Road opening permits (handled by DPW)- see online permit process at

Sewer Extension requests

Lawn Watering and Pool Fill One-time adjustments  

Take a look through the website, and if there is more information that we can provide, please don't hesitate to call or email with your suggestions.