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Planning Board - Master Plan


Master Plan 2002, Master Plan Updates for the years 2007 and 2008.

These documents are in the process of review and updating. 2010 is a census year and the census figures will be used in the update. It is recommended that Master Plans be updated every ten years. A census year is a good year for such work because it assists in keeping a community's Master Plans current. Master Planning has always been a revolving procedure in Lunenburg. Our first Master Plan was written in 1960, prepared with the assistance of Allen Benjamin Consulting Firm. That report became known as the Benjamin Report. Carol Thomas, now known as Thomas Planning Services, Inc. was a member of the Benjamin Consulting team. Ms. Thomas has continued to work with Lunenburg over the years. A request was made to her to prepare a brief assessment of the planning process in Lunenburg. This is included below as a PDF and is named “Master Plan Assessment Report 2010.”

A Master Plan belongs to the whole town. The Planning Board is responsible for the plan. However all input from Boards, Commissions, and Committees is valued. Input from citizens is also important. There will be opportunities for input from the general public in the near future.

A Master Plan is a statement that is designed to provide a basis for decision making regarding the long term physical development of our municipality. The Primary School, Lunenburg Public Library and the Public Safety Building are the results of Master Planning. Currently, the Building Committee for the Department of Public Works (DPW) is part of Master Planning.

As work on the Master Plan 2010 work evolves, this site will keep the community informed.

To view the documents described above, please click on the PDFs to view.



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