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The Park Commissioners may layout and improve public parks, make rules for their use and government, appoint all necessary engineers, surveyors, clerks, and other officers, including a police force to act in such parks.  The Park Commissioners may define the powers and duties of that police force, fix the compensation of its members and do all acts necessary for the proper execution of its powers and duties.  Subject to appropriation, the Park Commissioners may conduct park programs and recreation activities at locations other than the public parks.  The day-to-day care and maintenance of the public parks shall be under the supervision of the Town Manager.


The Park Commission consists of five members elected for terms of three years each so arranged that the term of office of one member shall expire each year.  


Local Sports Organization Contacts 
*Organization contacts are provided as a courtesy and are not run or managed by the Parks Commission



Member Name and Contact Information
Ana Lockwood, Chair
Term to expire June 30 2025

Karin Menard, Clerk
Term to expire June 30 2026 

Patrick Hakey, Member
Term to expire June 30 2025 

Colleen Shapiro, Member

Term to expire May 2026

Christopher Sullivan, Vice Chair
Term to expire June 30 2024


Recreation Director
Angela Clement 
Office Hours: Monday 8:00am- 3:00pm, Wednesday and Friday 8:00am- 2:00pm