Lunenburg Municipal Building Design Committee

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The Lunenburg Municipal Building Design Committee (formerly the TC Passios Building Design Committee) will continue to work with any contracted architectural and engineering firms, as they become available, to review space needs for town offices, school uses and community space at the building and/or land known as the TC Passios. Additionally, the committee will work to prioritize and/or rank the existing space usage requests and explore a variety of design permutations at different estimated budget tiers that would meet the needs of the Town according to those priorities. The committee may analyze, discuss and investigate other Town-owned buildings and properties in their recommendations as they deem necessary to fulfill this charge. This Committee will prepare viable, cost-effective solutions to the Select Board that conform to all the Town's existing financial and fiscal policies and take into consideration any/all large-scale capital expenditures projected for the next 10 years.
This charge was amended by the Select Board at their January 4, 2022 meeting and may be amended at any future meeting.

Greg Roy, Chairman (Member at Large)
David Blatt, Vice Chairman (Member at Large)
Michael Ray Jeffreys (Select Board Member)
Brian Lehtinen (School Committee Member)
Peter Beardmore (Finance Committee Member)
Matthew Allison (Planning Board Member)
Kristina Masaitis (Member at Large)