Library Board of Trustees

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Lunenburg Public Library welcomes all and serves residents of the Lunenburg area as a hub for the community, enriching our lives through its collections, programs, services, facility, and people.


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Powers and Duties - The board of trustees shall act as an agent of the public trust governing the library. The library shall create the general operating and administrative policies relating to budget, personnel and contracts as is specified by state law and local ordinances. All funds raised or appropriated by the town for the support and maintenance of the library shall be expended under the direction of the board. All funds that the town may receive by gift, bequest or otherwise for library purposes shall be administered under the direction of the board in accordance with the terms of such gift, bequest or otherwise. The board shall hire and manage the library director. The responsibilities and governance of the board shall cover the following specific areas: (i) legal; (ii) policy making; (iii) financial governance; and (iv) strategic planning. The board shall, in all matters of general municipal policy and procedure, be subject to policy directives designed to achieve uniformity and better administrative control as may from time to time be established by the town manager. The library director shall exercise professional judgment under the direction and review of the board to implement the strategic objectives and policies set by the board. The library director shall be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the library, including management of personnel, collection development, budget, physical plant and programmatic functions, subject to policy directives established by the board. The library director shall work in conjunction with the board on strategic planning and library policies.


The library director shall prepare an annual budget for approval by the board. The library director shall hire library employees, fix their salaries, define their duties, make rules concerning their tenure of office and discharge them in accordance with and within the limits established by the town personnel by-laws, policies, procedures and practices and any applicable collective bargaining agreement, in accordance with municipal policies. The board shall make all reasonable rules and regulations for the operation and management of the library system and for the conduct of its own business and affairs as may be deemed necessary. The board shall have all of the other powers and duties that are given to library trustees by general law, this charter, by-law or other vote of the town meeting.


Composition, Term of Office - There shall be a board of trustees of the public library consisting of 7 members, elected for terms of 3 years each, so arranged that the terms of as nearly an equal number of members as is possible shall expire each year.


Board of Trustees Name and Contact Information
Harry Kubetz, Chair-Term expires May 2026

Richard Mailloux, Vice Chair-Term expires May 2025

Robert Conroy, Secretary-Term expires May 2024

Janalee Germaine Balish- Term expires May 2026

Donna Saiia, Treasurer- Term expires May 2025

Laura Boussom- Term expires 2024

Maia Wentrup- Term expires 2024 


Budget Subcommittee
Laura Boussom and Richard Mailloux

Friends Endowment Subcommittee
Robert Conroy and Harry Kubetz

Personnel Subcommittee
Harry Kubetz, Kate McCarron, and Maia Wentrup

Policy Subcommittee
Robert Conroy, Richard Mailloux, Kate McCarron, and Maia Wentrup

Trust Fund Investment Subcommittee
Harry Kubetz, Richard Mailloux, and Donna Saiia