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Our Mission is to create ways and means under the Green Communities Act to benefit the environment of our community relative to health and general welfare; the economy, cost effectivness of Governmental business and cost of living for the general public.

The Task Force has been working on all aspects of "Green"  It is well known that we have solar now at the Middle School.  We are also very deep into arrangments and permits to have a solar field at our land fill.  John Londa has been the key person in that project. 

After many debates, the Task Force has presented to the Board of Selectmen their recommendation to become a Green Ciommunity under the State mandates.  The Task Force has suggested  that their reommendation be placed as a warrant article on the Fall/Winter Town meeting. 

The Board of Selectmen and the Task Force feel strongly that you, the citizen, need as much information as we can give you so you can make an intelligent decision at Town Meeting.  The important event the Task Force would like to invite you to is a workshop on November 17, 2011 at the Joseph Bilotta Room at Town Hall at 7:00 P. M.  Yes, it will be televised. However the Task Force's wish is to have people attend the workshop so there can be a give and take discussion pertaining  to the pros and cons of becoming a Green Community.  Further, questions can be asked for clarification of any part of the program.  There will speaker presenters.

To qualify as a green community, a town must provide an as of right siting of renewable or alternative energy manufacturing facilities, energy research and development facilities; adopt an expedited application and permitting process which shall not exceed one year from the date of application to date of final approval; establish an energy use baseline inventory for municipal buildings, vehicles and street and  traffic lighting and put in place a comprehensive program designed to reduce this baseline by 20 percent within five years, purchase only fuel efficient vehicles  for municipal use  and require all construction over 3,000 square feet and all new commercial and industrial real estate construction by utilizing energy efficiency, water conservation and other renewable or alternative energy technologies.  The latter part of the above is particularly defined as the Stretch Code. 

There will be other presentations on this issue beside the above noted.  One will be a  presentation to the Board of Selectman in the later part of October. 

Our Team

  • David Blatt - Chair
  • Zachary Cutting - Member
  • Neal Sullivan - Member
  • Michael Conway - Member
  • Advisors: John Londa, Adam R. Burney

For further information, call (978) 582-4147, extension 5 when the recorded voice begins menu choices.

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