Green Communities Committee

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Section 1: General

The Lunenburg Green Communities Committee will work with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to learn of grant opportunities for energy conservation and renewable energy generation, and will apply for appropriate grants. The Committee will ensure the Town retains its status as a designated Green Community.

Section 2: Functions

A. Mission: The Lunenburg Green Communities Committee will focus on improving and promoting energy efficiency in town and school facilities, infrastructure, and vehicles. The Committee will help raise awareness, educate, advise, motivate the Town of Lunenburg residents and businesses to reduce waste, reduce energy use, conserve resources, reduce emissions/carbon footprint, and to embrace clean and renewable energy options. 

B. Responsibilities

  1. Identify and develop grant submission for Green Communities Competitive Grant annually that corresponds with the mission of this committee and is consistent with the Town’s goals;
  2. Develop action steps to ensure Lunenburg remains designated as a Department of Energy Resources Green Community;
  3. Facilitate town participation in DOER programs, grants, and incentives;
  4. Serve as an information resource for town residents and business owners on the benefits of energy and resource conservation;
  5. Increase constituents’ awareness of and promote resource conservation methods, energy efficiency programs, utility rebates, and state/federal programs to promote energy efficiency, waste reduction, recycling, and overall enhancements to long term sustainability and resilience in response to environmental, resource, and energy challenges;
  6. Report at least once annually on its activities to the Select Board.

Section 3. Membership and Meetings

1. The Committee shall be composed of five (5) regular members serving three year terms appointed by the Select Board and two (2) associate members. Two members shall initially be appointed to a three year term, two members shall initially be appointed to a two year term, and one member shall initially be appointed to a one year term. After the initial term, all regular members shall serve a three year term. The associate members shall be appointed to a three year term.

2.  In addition to the regular members, the Committee shall consult with the Town Manager, the town departments that oversee the facilities and energy accounts, the School Superintendent, and the School Facilities Director that oversees the school facilities and school energy accounts in order to ascertain future energy projects, areas where energy savings are needed, and replacement schedule for vehicles.

3. Voting Power: All duly appointed regular members shall have full voting power.

 4. Resignation: Members of the Committee shall notify the Chairman of the Committee, the Town Manager, and the Select Board of their resignation.

 5. Vacancies: Any vacancies shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment.

 6. Representations: Members shall get approval of the Committee prior to making statements, presentations, or joining activities on behalf of the Committee.

 7. The election of officers including at least a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Clerk and shall be elected annually by a majority vote of the Committee.

 8. A quorum shall consist of three (3) members.

 9.  The recording of minutes and votes of all meetings shall be conducted as prescribed by the Open Meeting Law. Copies of the minutes shall be submitted to the Town Clerk as prescribed in the Town Bylaw and according to Open Meeting Law.

10.  The Committee shall comply with all state laws and local bylaws.

This charge was adopted by the Select Board at their June 1, 2021 meeting and may be amended at any future meeting.


Members and Contact Information
David Blatt, Chair
Term to expire June 2024 

Elizabeth Murphy, Member
Term to expire June 2023  

Dave Passios, Member
Term to expire June 2023 

Matt Synder, Member 
Term to expire June 2025  

Chris Holden, Member 
Term to expire June 2024

Kim Duffy, Associate Member
Term to expire June 2024 

VACANCY, Associate Member
Term to expire June 2024