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The Lunenburg Cultural Council is responsible for disbursing funds received from the Massachusetts Cultural Council to local cultural and artistic activities. The Council review proposals and grants funds to local applicants for a variety of projects that benefit Lunenburg citizens. Local Cultural Councils support community-based projects in the arts, sciences, and humanities every year. The state legislature provides an annual appropriation to the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency, which then allocates funds to each community.
Cultural Council Members:

Mission Statement: The mission of the Lunenburg Cultural Council is to nurture and promote a diverse range of artistic and cultural programs for the benefit of Lunenburg and surrounding communities. We accomplish this through annual allocation of state grants for local projects and by producing cultural events using locally-raised funds. The Lunenburg Cultural Council recognizes that the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences form an important part of Lunenburg's history, identity, and vision. We are committed to nurturing our artistic community through supporting events that are accessible, collaborative, and fun for Lunenburg residents and visitors of all ages.

Diane Beaudoin - term expires June 30, 2025,
Daniel Burns, Chairman - term expires June 30, 2024
Judit Ernst- term expires June 30, 2025
Nancy Heald - term expires June 30, 2025,
Karen Kemp- term expires June 30, 2024
Joan Pease -term expires June 30, 2025,
Donna Saiia, Treasurer -term expires June 30, 2024,
Kirsten Snape - term expires June 30, 2025,
Elise Wiley, Clerk -term expires June 30, 2024,