Charter Review Committee

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At least once in every ten years a special committee to consist of nine (9) members shall be established for the purpose of reviewing the Town Charter and making a report, with recommendations, to the Town Meeting concerning proposed amendments which said committee may determine to be necessary or desirable.
The committee shall consist of nine (9) members who shall be chosen as follows: the Select Board, the Finance Committee and the School Committee shall each designate two (2) persons, the Planning Board shall designate one (1) person and two (2) persons shall be appointed by the Town Moderator.
Persons appointed by the agencies may, but need not be members of the agency by which they are designated. The committee shall organize forthwith following the final adjournment of the Annual Town Meeting.

2019 Charter Review Committee recommendations:
* Under Typographical corrections and legal compliance,
(i) by substituting the phrase “select board” for the phrase “board of selectmen,” throughout said Charter;

(ii) by substituting days for months and years, throughout said Charter;

(iii) by replacing the short title “Lunenburg Home Rule Charter” with “Charter of the Town of Lunenburg,” in Section 1-2; (line 14)

(iv) by adding a definition for the term “day” or days,” in Section 1-7; (line 42)

(v) by redefining the term “quorum,” also in Section 1-7 (line 58) and Section 7-8(e) (line 890);

(vi) by adding the phase “Finance Committee” to the title of Section 2-3(c) (line 98); which defines its powers and duties;

(vii) by stating in Section 2-7(b) (line 126) that either written or electronic copies of proposed warrant articles may be provided to the chairperson of the finance committee;

(viii) by substituting the phrase “building commissioner” for the phrase “building inspector,” in Sections 3-2(d) (line 273) and 4-2(c) (line 507);

(ix) by replacing the term “affirm” with “ratify” as it relates to the ratification of certain appointments, in Sections 3-2(d) (line 276), 3-10(c) (line 403) and 3-14(c) (line 455);

(x) by replacing the term “elect” with “appoint” as it relates to the school committee’s appointment of a superintendent of schools, in Section 3-3(b)(1) (line 288);

(xi) by stating in Section 3-5(b) (line 317) that certain matters are the board of cemetery commissioners’ “sole” responsibility;

(xii) by excepting the school department from the town manager’s administration of personnel, in Section 4-2(e) (line 525);

(xiii) by extending the town manager’s authority to negotiate contract with employees to “bargaining units subject to ratification by the select board,” in Section 4-2(l) (line 545);

(xiv) by deleting references to certain Chapters of the General Laws, in Sections 4-2(m) (line 549) and 5-3(d)(5) (line 717);

(xv) by stating in Section 5-3(a) (line 652) that the director of municipal finance may be either the town manager or his or her appointee;

(xvi) by requiring in Section 6-3 (line 751) that the town manager’s budget summary be mailed with the warrant to households with registered voters”;

(xvii) by changing “affect” to “effect” in Section 6-4 (line 759), i.e. a grammatical correction;

(xviii) by adding a new Section 6-5(d) (line 781) requiring that the proposed operating budget “identify all other available sources of funding”;

(xix) by making certain clarifications to the requirements in Section 7-8(b) (line 877) that multiple-member bodies post agendas of their meetings and act on items not included thereon only in emergency circumstances;

(xx) by substituting the term “minutes” for the term “journal” in Section 7-8(c) (line 883);

(xxi) by clarifying and modifying the process for the filling of vacancies in the membership of an appointed, multiple-member body, in Section 7-8(f) (line 896);

(xxii) by stating that the notice of vacancy required by Section 7-10 (line 934) does not apply to those on multiple-member bodies;

* Substantial changes, including re-alignment to current practices,

(i) by requiring in Section 2-3(b) that the members of the finance committee be residents registered to vote in town (line 95);

(ii) by updating Sections 3-2(d)(line 272) and 4-2(c) (line 506) with the names of certain town offices either appointed by the town manager subject to select board ratification or for which candidates are recommended by the town manager to the select board;

(iii) by modifying and replacing in its entirety Section 3-7(b) (line 346), governing the powers and duties of the board of trustees of the public library;

(iv) by increasing the membership of the board of park commissioners from three (3) to five (5), in Section 3-9(a) (line 382);

(v) by stating that the town manager will be responsible for supervision, evaluation and personnel actions related to the positions of planning director and sewer business manager, in Sections 3-10(c) (line 404) and 3-14(c) (line 455), respectively;

(vi) by stating in Section 4-1 (line 469) that the town manager screening committee shall submit “name(s),” not a “list,” of qualified candidates to the select board in the event of a vacancy;

(vii) by updating due process and procedures afforded the town manager preceding removal or suspension, in Section 4-5(b) (line 598);

(viii) by adding a new Section 7-11 (line 942) relative to the enforcement of Charter provisions and the town general by-laws

Materials are available for viewing at the Town Clerk’s office, Board of Selectmen’s office at 17 Main Street, Lunenburg, MA 01462 and at the Lunenburg Public Library and Eagle House Senior Center and on the Town’s website (