Architectural Preservation District Commission

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Welcome to the website for the Lunenburg Architectural Preservation District Commission.

The 2015 Lunenburg Town Meeting established the Architectural Preservation District ("District") Bylaw ("Bylaw") to regulate construction, demolition or renovation of existing "Contributing Property" structures as defined by the bylaw within an established bounded district ("District").  The Bylaw was introduced at Town Meeting along with the Village District Bylaw, which created an overlay zoning district to encourage mixed-use commercial and residential development.  While the Village District Bylaw encourages the economic vitalization of downtown Lunenburg, the Architectural Preservation District Bylaw ensures that it will not come at the expense of the town's historical character and integrity.

The Bylaw also mandated the creation of Design Guidelines ("Guidelines") to assist the Architectural Preservation District Commission ("APDC") in evaluating requests for construction, renovation and demolition of structures that are 75 years old or older within the District, as shown in the DISTRICT MAP.

The APDC meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm at the Ritter Building.

The APDC consists of five volunteer members of the community and, to the extent achievable, those members shall be comprised of the following: a member of the Lunenburg Historical Commission; a design professional; a craftsperson or building contractor familiar with historic restoration; and two residents of the APD.  If interested in joining the Commission, please complete a Talent Bank Form.

Architectural Preservation Commission Members:

  • Cullen Dwyer, Chair, - term to expire 6/30/2023- APD Resident Representative
  • Anthony Sculimbrene, Vice Chair, - term to expire 6/30/2025- Resident at Large Representative 
  • William Lloyd- Clerk, Design Professional, term to expire June 30, 2025
  • Richard McGrath, term to expire 6/30/2024-Historical Commission Representative
  • Anthony Nicastro, -term to expire 6/30/2023-Craftsperson/building contractor familiar with historic restoration Representative

To request additional information or to inquire about a non-binding Administrative Review, please email