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If you choose to use the drop box installed at the Lancaster Avenue entrance of the Ritter Building, please notify the Conservation Commission office.

Conservation commissions are the municipal environmental agencies in Massachusetts. They are responsible for protecting the land, water, and biological resources of their communities. Conservation commissions are volunteers who work long hours to achieve community conservation goals. Commissioners are appointed by their select boards, town administrators, or mayors. Through a special act of the Legislature, one community has an elected conservation commission. Many conservation commissions play a supporting role in the choice of candidates to join the commission. Conservation commissions have between three and seven members. Town meetings or city councils set the number and the terms are three years in length.

"Of All The Paths You Take In Life, Make Sure A Few Of Them Are Dirt." -John Muir

Lunenburg has over 25 miles of trails on over a dozen Conservation Commission properties that are permanently protected open spaces dedicated to conservation and passive recreation.

The Conservation Commission is pleased to provide information to promote the enjoyment of these public lands by all.

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